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At Brentwood Christian Press you know the exact cost of your books in advance guaranteed. Yes, there are benefits in having Christian books published by Christian people. Payment terms are available and we accept bank credit cards.

The subject matter of your book-to-be and its market appeal determines the marketing help we can provide.

FREE HELP: When we receive your manuscript (any computer, any style) we will typeset some pages in the format for your book and then send them to you so you can see how your books will look when published. We'll include exact rates for various quantities..

There are no 'off the rack' books or covers at Brentwood. Your book is custom produced, from start to finish. We give preparing and pricing your book the intense attention you did in writing it, so we need the completed manuscript and diskette.

We are especially pleased with the virtual 100% 'more than satisfied' response from our clients. Contact Brentwood by telephone, toll free 800-334-8861
Brentwood@aol.com or write:

Brentwood Christian Press
Post Office Box 4773
Columbus, GA 31914-4773

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